Welcome and integrate

LiaisoNZ welcomes you at the airport in New Zealand and brings you to your place of residence.

You will receive a welcome kit (also called survival kit!) In which you will find, among other things, a local SIM card, a keychain, a folder containing all the useful contacts such as name, address and the telephone number of your place of residence, those of your school, those of the French Embassy, ​​emergency numbers ...

 LiaisoNZ briefs you on country-specific security and emergency rules, opening hours of administrations (bank, post office ...) and shops and restaurants, the operation of public transport, as well as traffic rules when one is pedestrian, who are indeed specific to this country!

But above all, LiaisoNZ gives you a phone number to keep very carefully and will determine with you the best way to stay in touch according to situations: phone, sms, instant messenger type messenger, Instagram, whatsapp ...

Without interfering in your life, we will make sure that everything is fine by contacting you regularly by the means that you prefer and obviously also by staying in touch with your family in France if they feel the need (depending on your age in particular).

You will be welcomed at the airport by the person who accompanied you in the development and realization of your project. She will also be your local contact. You can reach her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located in the heart of Wellington, she will be close to you and the establishments you attend and will be able to intervene quickly if necessary.

This is our specialty:

We REALLY accompany you from A to Z.