You are a 18-30 year old

- You are out of the school system, school is not your thing and you would rather see how things are elsewhere.


- You are young high school graduate, it's ok, you do not have enough  yet of studies but you want to take a break after all these years going to school. Take a break of one year to see how things are abroad and to know a little bit of life outside of your country.


- You have been working for a few years already, right out of school you found a job and never stopped working. You have the feeling you know nothing other than studying and working. You need air!


Some thoughts that you may have already had:


- All the people around me tell me that it is not reasonable.

- I really hesitate ... How will this be understood on my CV?

- And how will this year, during which I seem to have done nothing, be perceived ?

- How am I going to pay for my living expenses? I still have security with this job that I have.

- What do I have to lose and what do I have to gain?


Discuss all this with us, we went through this phase, many times. We will evaluate your context and we will help you clarify what you need and the risks versus the benefits.