Our Service

Why use LiaisoNZ as your partner to NZ?



  •  Because we are only talking about what we really know, hence our specialization on New Zealand and especially Wellington.

  •  Because our local presence ensures you a perfect and up-to-date knowledge of all partner institutions and organizations. Regular field contacts guarantee you accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Because one and the same person accompanies you from A to Z since the first contact until your return to your home country. No intermediary, LiaisoNZ is committed to being available 24/7 on site and to be the link between you in France and you here in New Zealand.

  • Because it does not cost more to go through LiaisoNZ to benefit from a service that will secure your project as well as yourself while in NZ.

  • Because we REALLY accompany you from A to Z: see the different stages of our accompaniment hereafter