The first Skype interview to get to know and collect your needs is free, regardless of the option chosen later. The first thing is to define what you need and decide whether or not you want to continue your project.


The full service of LiaisoNZ described here is then provided for € 150, whatever the duration of your stay.


This amount will be refunded in full if you confirm your registration in a high school, university or language school. The refund will occur after your confirmation of payment of tuition fees at the school or university you chose to enrol in.


For the immersion in a host family + activities option and the volunteering option these 150 euros are not refundable, you enjoy the full service of LiaisoNZ for the duration of your stay and until your return to your home country.


For the option Exploring NZ while working (WHV) we offer a specific NewKiwi pack (see details here)