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Alice, 15, Lyon (France)

I wanted to spend a few weeks immersing myself in an English speaking country high school and LiaisoNZ helped me to enrol. Everything was in English so it was not easy for my parents and I to do it alone and LiaisoNZ took care of everything: paperwork, contact with the school and even advised me on airline tickets!

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Erwann, 17, Valence (France)

I really wanted a change, New Zealand makes me dream because I am very nature and environment focused so I spoke to my parents who told me "we will find a solution".

After contacting LiaisoNZ they were convinced of the benefits and determined, with the help of LiaisoNZ, that our main goal is that I improve my English. I enrolled in a language school with the possible goal of going to a NZ University later! Everything seemed closed to me and now I have crazy prospects!


Patricia, 50, Valence (France)

Our son was coming to a stage where he needed to be

reboosted. LiaisoNZ has reinforced the idea that a career abroad would make a difference for him, compared to his peers, in the job market later. And not mentioning of course the benefits in terms of personal development.

We finally decided that English classes would be a good start for him. The fields of possibilities have now opened wide!


Carole, 49, Lyon (France)

I would never have let our daughter go alone without knowing where she was going to set foot.

I needed to be completely reassured and confident. Thanks to LiaisoNZ I could have all the concrete answers to my questions about school and life in NZ.

Their availability and commitment to help us were flawless. Our daughter has even been helped in the choice of subjects and will have the opportunity to be introduced to the Maori language!

And it's the same person who answered all my questions who is also the one who will pick-up our daughter at the airport and guide her on the spot! We cannot dream of better accompaniment!

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