A high performing, flexible and positive education system

New Zealand is 12th out of 70 in the PISA ranking in 2015 

And yet students in New Zealand feel much less pressure at the school level than most of other countries in the world.

When you leave your child at school in the morning in New Zealand, you throw him a "Have fun!"

Another revealing fact about the school is that the child enters school on his 5th birthday because it is a gift to have access to it.

The New Zealand system is based on the well-being of children. We focus on the needs and development of the child's talents. Thus, the interest of the students is always optimal and their skills are used to the best.

It is obviously essential to have academic knowledge and the country is there to look after this, but for New Zealanders, development and experimentation remain the most important.


The New Zealand education system is the most liberal in the world. It is very flexible and a lot of bridges are possible. All sectors are valued. The three axes: Sport, Arts and Academic streams co-exist in all schools.